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NoCOUG's May 16, 2002 Meeting

Our May 16, 2002 meeting was held at Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale. Some of the presentations from the meeting are available for download.

Meeting Description

The Spring Conference had parallel sessions on the topics of database administration, application development, and data warehousing.

Here is the agenda, followed by session descriptions:


07:00- 08:00  - Vendor registration
08:00- 09:30  - Attendants registration
09:30-10:15  - Opening Remarks and Announcements
10:15-10:45  - Morning Break
10:45-11:45  - Parallel Session #1:
DBA Development Data Warehouse
"Oracle9i Database Release 2 Overview" Mark Townsend
Director, Product Management, Oracle Corporation

Level: Intermediate

"Performance Tune the SQL" Scott Sumner, Quest Software

Level: Intermediate

"Taming the Customer in Oracle Dimensional Modeling - an Example from the BioTech World" Wilma VanDyk, Senior Consultant, BASE Consulting Group.


11:45-12:45  - Lunch Break
DBA Development Data Warehouse

DBA Roundtable discussion.

Developer Roundtable discussion.


01:15-01:30  - Break
01:30-2:30  - Parallel Session #2:
DBA Development Data Warehouse

"Online Object Redefinition in Oracle 9i" Chris Lawson Independent Consultant, Performance Solutions and Roger Schrag Senior Consultant, Database Specialists, Inc.

Level: Intermediate

"Develop for Optimum Application Performance"
Claudia Fernandez, Technical Services Manager, LECCOTECH Inc.

Level: All

"Successful Dimensional Modeling of Very Large Data Warehouses" Russell Tuttle Senior Systems Consultant, Quest Software

Level: Beginner to intermediate

02:30-03:15  - Afternoon Break and Raffle
03:15-04:15  - Parallel Session #3:
DBA Development Data Warehouse

"Storage Management and Oracle 9i" Dean Richards Senior System Engineer, Insession Technologies

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

"Forms Tuning Techniques -- Users Will Sing Your Praise" Peter Koletzke Technical Director and Principal Instructor, Quovera

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

"Managability and Data Warehousing" George Lumpkin, Oracle Corporation

Level: Intermediate

04:30-??? NoCOUG networking and happy hour at Faz Restaurant and Bar, 1108 N. Mathilda Avenue in Sunnyvale.

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"Oracle9i Database Release 2 Overview" This session provides an overview of the new enhancements in Oracle9i Database Release 2. It discusses enhancements that increase and improve availability, data integration, application development, content management and manageability. It also covers new features in the areas of business intelligence, OLAP, and data mining.

"Online Object Redefinition in Oracle 9i" With Oracle 9i's online object redefinition feature, applications can update data in the database while DBAs are relocating tables to new table spaces or even adding new columns to tables. In this presentation, two experts on high availability databases explain how to use this new feature to maximum benefit. First they will discuss the dbms_redefinition package provided in Oracle 9i, and how you use this package to reorganize or redefine tables without downtime. They will cover the finer points like interim tables, preserving integrity constraints and triggers, and rolling back if an error occurs midway. Finally, we will walk through examples of how dbms_redefinition can be used to deploy a schema change without data unavailability. We will look at how well the feature performs and various gotchas to look out for.

"Storage Management and Oracle 9i" The presentation will be a discussion of Oracle 9i's new features for storage management. Topics covered include external tables, unused index identification, multiple block sizes, dynamic memory configuration, auto segment space management, automatic undo management, resumable space allocation, online schema changes, and others. This presentation will discuss some issues in Oracle 9i storage management and present ways AutoDBA, from Insession Technologies, can assist.

"Performance Tune the SQL" This presentation goes into considerable detail on the tuning of actual SQL statements. The attendee will understand the Oracle optimizer choices, the Explain Plan, and how to interpret the output of an Explain Plan. This presentation will also include a discussion on the differences of the various Explain Plan steps such as Merge-Join and Nested-Loop, when is it best to use each, etc. The presenter also discusses how indexes are accessed with the Cost-Based optimizer as well as some important index-oriented INIT.ORA parameters. This presentation is a MUST for anyone doing SQL statement level tuning.

"Develop for Optimum Application Performance" In this session, attendees will learn how to develop the highest performing applications prior to deploying in production. The specific methodology for developing for performance not just functionality will be presented. Developers will also learn SQL benchmarking methodology and techniques for delivering the highest performing applications the first time every time.

"Forms Tuning Techniques -- Users Will Sing Your Praise" Application tuning typically consists of identifying slow-running SQL statements. However, when you use Forms, there are many other considerations. Often tuning is applied after the fact, when performance problems surface in production. User perception of your application and even the application's success are affected by the responsiveness of the forms you create. Efforts to increase this responsiveness should be part of your initial form design as well as a key deliverable for development.

This presentation explains techniques you can use to make your forms run
faster and more efficiently. It provides an explanation of special properties and PL/SQL coding techniques that enhance performance and reduce network traffic. Since "the Internet changes everything,"specific tuning techniques for web-deployed forms are also discussed. Tuning is of no use if you cannot prove that it helps so the presentation also explains how to benchmark performance before and after tuning.

"Successful Dimensional Modeling of Very Large Data Warehouses"
One of the dramatic areas in database design is the Dimensional
Data Warehouse. It is a powerful model that can significantly help the
end-user's ability to quickly analyze large multi-dimensional datasets.
This presentation is a high level introduction to the concepts of
dimensional modeling and how it applies to large data warehouses.

"Managability and Data Warehousing" This presentation will discuss the key features in Oracle8i and Oracle9i which improve the managability of databases for data warehousing.

Directions to Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale

Address: Building 157 is located at the intersection of Third Avenue and J Street in Sunnyvale.

From Highway 101: Go on Highway 101 toward Highway 237. Go east on 237 and exit at Mathilda Avenue. Travel north on Mathilda and turn left onto Third Avenue. Take Third Avenue to J Street. Building 157 is on the left, and the parking lot is on the right.

From Highway 880: Go on Highway 880 toward Highway 237. Go west on 237 and exit at Mathilda Avenue. Travel north on Mathilda and turn left onto Third Avenue. Take Third Avenue to J Street. Building 157 is on the left, and the parking lot is on the right



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