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NoCOUG Board 2016

An organization such as NoCOUG would not be possible without the efforts of many volunteers. The Board of Directors meets together monthly to set policy, manage NoCOUG finances and plan our quarterly conferences. It is our objective to make sure that NoCOUG successfully meets the needs of our membership.

Every NoCOUG member is encouraged to participate in our organization, and to become a member of the Board. It is a very rewarding experience, and most Board members have served for a number of years. Please write any Board member (using the links below) with any questions or feedback you might have about NoCOUG.

NoCOUG does not support recruiting activity of any means, so please do not forward job search requests to any NoCOUG board member.  

President: Iggy Fernandez  
Vice President: Jeff Mahe  
Treasurer: Sri Rajan NeoWorks
Secretary: Sri Rajan NeoWorks
Membership Director: Stephen Van Linge  
Conference Director: Sai Devabhaktuni PayPal
Vendor Coordinator: Omar Anwar  
Webmaster: Jimmy Brock Epicor Software
Journal Editor: Iggy Fernandez  
IOUG Liaison: Kyle Hailey Delphix
Board Member at Large: Eric Hutchinson  
Board Member at Large: Linda Yang Oracle Corp.
Board Member at Large: Kamran Rassouli  
Advisor: Tim Gorman Delphix
President Emeritus: Naren Nagtode  
President Emeritus: Hanan hit  

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